ESL Classes
- English as a Second Language Classes are a vital service for the majority of refugees whom face immediate challenges living in the United States. Without speaking English attempts at finding work, interacting with community members to even completing a document can seriously hinder everyday life. Helping U.S. Immigrants learn English is imperative to them maintaining a productive role in the community.

General Information & Translation Services
- United Ummah for refugees encourages strongly all to learn English when resettling in the United States. However we have Bilingual Volunteers offering translation services and general information for non-English speaking immigrants greatly eases many of their life's daily obstacles. Friendly interaction and Timely assistance helps displaced individuals confidently deal with a variety of life's changes as they progress toward a new independence.

Financial Assistance & Job Opportunities - Refugees and similar are practically always faced with financial hurtles when resettling. We works to resolve this issue by motivating self-sufficiency including efforts to provide job opportunities. However, United Ummah for Refugees also entirely by the support of its donors aims to safe guard such disadvantaged persons from increased burden offering at times direct financial assistance as they rebuild their life. We strive to ensure families or individuals likewise seek applicable assistance and benefits from their respective sources while all together working toward their independence.

Material Donations such as Household Items, Clothing to Transportation
- Most Refugee families arriving in the U.S. are lacking all but few of the typical assets we benefit from in our daily lives. Some receive "welcoming" packages as part of their resettlement process while others may not be as fortunate and most either way still lack many common necessities. We strive to provide new, in some cases like new or lightly used items that are vital including clothes, shoes, tableware, and cookware to furniture like beds, tables and couches. Even vehicles to a much wider array of donations are acceptable and we encourage you to contact us with questions.

Families and Youth activites  - We develop plus support community classes, programs, services, events or similar that provide alternative benefits for disadvantaged community members. We make efforts to provide and support opportunities of positive social interaction, learning and entertainment for those it may otherwise be inaccessible to. These efforts can involve more individual interaction between volunteers and refugees to meet certain needs or be events that are public, open and beneficial to the community as whole. We relies on volunteers as well as donors like you to achieve such goals.