Welcome to United Ummah for Refugees a Texas founded, non-profit focused on assisting disadvantaged immigrants who resettle within the United States. We are a universal community effort dedicated to assisting local refugees or similar needy individuals and families on their path to a productive new life. Today record numbers of humanity face forced displacement and their hardship often continues even if reaching safety. That's where United Ummah for Refugees aspires to build open, community interactive programs and services that truly improves the unity of our society.
Refugees and other Displaced People:
Within recent years alone record numbers of people have fled their homelands due to war, persecution, poverty, natural disasters and other unfavorable living conditions. A moment's consideration and its easy to conclude refugees and similar individuals are undoubtedly among those most in need of humanitarian aid. Generally having lost their belongings, shelter, livelihood and even family or Friends along with everything else familiar to them, it is a condition most can hardly imagine themselves facing. Unfortunately even after reaching a safe country like the United States these individuals and families often further struggle with challenges not limited to language barriers, financial hardship, cultural adaptation and otherwise.
Why Donors and Volunteers support our Efforts and you should too?
United Ummah for Refugees entirely relies on charitable community members and organizations to make our actions possible. Our Donors as well as Volunteers are vital to the flow of services we provide and programs we strive to develop. We invite all the community members to participate in a common, noble goal of helping those most in need. Its our priority to construct an innovative, interactive organization that provides the opportunity for involvement to good doers as diversely as it strives to relieve those needing assistance. We aim to be the tool through which families, friends, and neighbors consistently involve themselves in acts of good to help others while also gaining the experiences that improve their own lives.