About Us
United Ummah for Refugees is a charitable organization (501c3 tax deductible) whose primary focus is assisting needy immigrants whom resettle within the United States. Founded and supported by those who value human rights and the principles of social justice, we are passionate about efforts to relieve hardship plus open opportunities to the disadvantaged individuals of U.S. communities. Furthermore, United Ummah for Refugees design is not only dependent solely on community contributors and volunteers but intently designed to grow localized efforts making our achievements a true success for each community.

United Ummah for Refugees is dedicated to serving immigrants fleeing unfavorable conditions in their homeland for a peaceful new life in the United States. Though our main goal is to assist our community's underprivileged immigrants we none the less ultimately work to improve our society in whole. The objectives are to relieve the suffering of immigrants with refugee or similar status in ways that truly contribute towards a path of self-sustaining, productive life-styles. Meanwhile we believe our work is best achieved via diverse community involvement and that human interaction is something other types of donations cannot replace. Thus our priority is equally the development of open to all, effective plus efficient programs that allow compassionate donors and volunteers to deliver help in various forms, in person whenever possible. United Ummah for Refugees aims to universally unite all who share humanitarian values in various on-going community projects, activities and services that strengthen the bonds of the families, friends and neighbors that make up our communities.